Filmed, written, and edited by
Katrin Pesch

Additional Camera
Tim Ridlen

Sindhu Thirumalaisamy

Ishan Gupta and Sindhu Thirumalaisamy

Performed by
Ishan Gupta

Color Correction
Katrin Pesch


The Caretaker
Jim van Meter

Katrin Pesch

Museum Visitors
BJ Barclay, Lesley Stern, Monica Duncan

The Woman Who Wears Many Dresses
based on a woman of the village Meti baptized Catarina, #418 in the Book of Baptisms, San Diego Mission, 1769 – 1799

The Voice of Hubert Howe Bancroft
based on quotes from his text “The Educational Value of History” (1911) and his memoir Literary Industries (1891)
Bill Hammond

The Man Who Lives in His SUV
Victor Baker

The Victorian Ladies
Members of the Victorian Ladies Society of San Diego


Members and Friends of the Spring Valley Historical Society

Many thanks to

Jim van Meter, the members and friends of the Spring Valley Historical Society, Tim Ridlen, Nanna Wülfing, Friederike Clever, Alex Kershaw, Lev Kalman, Brian Cross, Lesley Stern, John Welchman, Norman Bryson, Jean-Pierre Gorin, Amelia Glaser, Jeffrey Minson, Micki Davis, Paloma Checa-Gismero, Amy Reid, Sindhu Thirumalaisamy, Lucas Coffin, Tad Linfesty, Kate Edwards, Yuka Nakanishi, UCSD Media Lab, Leslie Laytham Voice Studio, Nicolas Deyoe

This film was funded by a grant from the University of California Institute for Research in the Arts and a Russell Grant from the Visual Arts Department at the University of California, San Diego.