Courses Taught

Advanced Scriptwriting (special topics seminar)
Filmmaking I (upper-level undergraduate course)
Film, Media and the Environment (special topics seminar)
Contemporary Cinema (survey course)
Film Theory and Criticism (capstone seminar)
Scriptwriting (special topics seminar)
Intermediate Filmmaking (upper-level undergraduate course)
Introduction to Film Studies (survey course)
History of Film (survey course)
Transnational Cinema (special topics seminar)
Seminar in Literature and Composition: Looking at Animals (undergraduate course)
Digital Film Production: Media and/as Environment (upper-level undergraduate course)
Digital Film Production: The Essay Film (upper-level undergraduate film production course)
Naturecultures: Living Together in a More-than-Human World (first-year seminar)
Introduction to Film and Media Studies (survey course)
Advanced Editing (upper-level undergraduate course)
Writing Digital Media (upper-level undergraduate course)
Film in Social Context: Transnational Cinema (upper-level undergraduate course)
Topics in Contemporary Art Practice: New Ghost Entertainment-Entitled (graduate student seminar)