Pamphlet for a Ghost Film

Installation View, Pabellon Cuba, Havanna

Installation announcing the imaginary film Ghost – A Documentary Film.
Screenprint on neon paper, light bulbs, ink, in collaboration with Judith Hopf, 2003

8. Havanna Bienale, as part of 4 Dimension/4 Decades curated by Florian Zeyfang, Eugenio Valdes Figueroa, Alex Schmoeger, and Lisa Schmidt-Colinet, Pabellon de Cuba, Havanna, Cuba


Judith Hopf/Katrin Pesch. “Pamphlet for A Ghost Film.” In Pabellon Cuba 4D – 4Dimensions 4Decades, edited by Lisa Schmidt-Colinet, Florian Zeyfang, Eugenio Valdes Figueroa, and Alex Schmoeger (Berlin: b_books Verlag, 2008): 242-247.